Our Skating Family

We aim to serve the skating world as a resource and booster. All of our products are selected especially

For Skate Families

We are all Skate families. We require affordability, durability, and appropriate apparel for our artistic and training endeavors. Team Work of Art provides costumes and practice wear required by the modern skater. We can also assist in your rhinestone sourcing and hope to provide sponsorship options to world class skaters. Contact us if you are a Team Work of Art candidate!

For Coaches

Hey Coaches! Team Work of Art can outfit your entire team. We also provide specialized training and fitness products needed to build the next generation of greatness. Our lifestyle products let you lead by example. Contact us for discount opportunities.

For Rinks & Pro Shops

Pro Shops and Rinks require professional-level skate and warmup gear, appropriate for any market. Our products are specifically selected to be appropriate for practices, training and competitions. Our lifestyle products will liven up your merchandise! Contact us for discount and retail business opportunities.

For Competition Directors & Event Promoters

Team Work of Art provides professional-level skate apparel and accessories at low prices, and promotes the world of skating from an artistic perspective. Our products are fashionable and functional for skaters. Our goal is to help athletes feel good about their bodies and embrace their athletic artistry. Contact us about anything, we are here for you!