What Is A Coach?


First off, welcome to Team Work of Art!

TEAMWOA.PRO launched to elevate the sport and artistry of skating. We will be using this blog to talk about the life of a skater, how to incorporate dance, flexibility, and fitness into your routine, how Team Work of Art came to be, and what we have planned for the future. 


So what is a coach?

A coach is someone who truly cares about their student. It is so much more than giving corrections. Coaching is a massive responsibility that includes teaching someone to push the boundaries of what they thought was possible.

Understanding the struggle of an athlete is so important when teaching. A great coach acknowledges and challenges the difficulty of their own expectations. The confidence to succeed is dependent on a student trusting the coach and their expertise.  

I am often asked what to wear to practice. Our store sells almost everything you’ll need to practice and train like a world class skater. We have items for everyone in our skating family, as well as clothing appropriate for dance, yoga, running, and other athletic endeavors. Our special Team Work of Art Collection will prepare you for an amazing future. I will have a post detailing what to wear for practice and performances soon.

As a skating coach for many years, I look at my students as my muses. I ask a lot of my skaters. Between choreography and technique, my students work hard to achieve their goals. I do my best to present opportunities and challenges, and Team Work Of Art exceeds my expectations every time.

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