The Importance of Improvisation

Learning the skill of improvisation is of great importance for skaters.  When you understand how to string together elements or pieces on the spot you set yourself above the competition.

When you attend an audition for a job, performance or live event, you should have a piece choreographed and ready.  However, especially for roller skaters, the directors (or panel) may want to choose a piece of music that is more suited to what they are looking for.  In that instance, you must be able to not only feel the music but improv to it as well.  

I found this to be the case when I attended an open call audition.  I had a beautiful, contemporary piece selected.  When I finished performing the panel asked me to improv to a pop song I had never heard before. 

Flexibility on vacation

They wanted to see a different side of what I had given them.  This is a common occurrence for skaters, especially because often, choreographers are not well versed in our abilities.  

So if you are planning to attend an audition or even compete, consider improvisational practices.  Even in a competition, things happen.  Sometimes you forget your routine, or need to reattempt a jump.

Always practice improv, it can really come in handy if you find yourself in one of these situations.

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