6 Things All Skaters Should Know

Here are six things that all skaters should know:

  • Missing practice or not utilizing your time is a common beginner mistake.  Skating is difficult and requires effort and time and sacrifice both on and off skates.  Skating can be dangerous if you aren’t taking it seriously.  Injuries can happen to the most diligent skaters.  


  • Apply your corrections, fix the technique.  When you get called out during class or lessons, pay attention.  Coaches are not there just to teach you they are also there to keep you safe.  Take a notebook and pen to classes and review your notes.


  • Take your skating wardrobe seriously.  Choose items that allow your coach to see body lines easily, and clothing that fits properly.  The ideal outfit is a leotard, shorts and over the boot tights, with hair tied up neatly in a bun.


  • Show up ready to classes or practice ready and on time.  Arrive early to stretch, warm up and have your skates on before class.  If you spend the first ten minutes of class doing these things you’re wasting time for both you and the coach.  Make sure you have everything you need in your skate bag.


  • Skaters burn a lot of calories during practice.  Make sure to be eating foods that will give you strength and energy.  Avoid items that make you feel slow or lethargic.  Skating requires us to ask a lot of our bodies.  It is ideal to have a water bottle and snack available during practice.  


  • Not everyone has this option, but if you are looking for an activity for your child, skating is a great place to start.  Most clubs will accept little ones ages 5 and up.  Beginning classes while they are young, allows the child to grow into the sport and strengthen muscles and joints as they learn new skills.  


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